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In Bengal it's Nayantara; in the botanical parlance, Vinca Rosea. A native of Madagascar, it is today widely spread in the tropical countries of the world. The leaves are oval-shaped and colours white, violet and blood red that adds to the beauty of the environment.

An Introduction: Small is Beautiful

Nayantara is a complex of 64 apartments of 450 sq. ft. with one Bed Room and two toilets, which for the first time has been offered by any Joint Sector Company. The L.I.G. segment, who would always appreciate individualistic yet community linkage that goes well in a fresh clean environment, where all amenities of an urban lifestyle are close by.

The price is unbelievably convenient for the people of small and limited means. We have been flooded with the overwhelmingly response of the people and all the flats have been allotted by lottery to the respective winners.